Getting new resume at – Review is one of those site that specialize in helping people create the best resumes, ace interviews and land their dream jobs. They have been around for 7 years, and have written over 5,000 resumes and CVs to date.

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Resume Products

Resumestointerviews offers the following services:

  1. Resume Writing Service
  2. Returning Customer Resume
  3. Interview Coaching
  4. LinkedIn Profile
  5. Personal Statement

What I like about these services is that they are very useful for someone looking for a job. I have personally benefited from their help when I was building my profile on oDesk and looking for freelancing gigs. The work they did on my resume was impeccable and actually made my accomplishments and qualifications sound very credible!

Resume Writing Process

Resume Questionnaire

More than anything, I think it was their Resume Wizard that sped up the process. Through that questionnaire, I was able to give them basic information about myself that helped them get an idea of my profile as a job hunter. They asked me how many years I’ve been working, how many resume versions I needed, whether I needed interview coaching and the like.

In order to ensure the quality of my resume, I think I had to check about 7 drafts to make sure the highlights of my resume were noted and laid out. This part of the process was meant to put in as much relevant information into my resume.

Once all the needed information was in, I gave them the go signal to proceed working on my other requests such as my cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and of course the very helpful interview coaching.

This interview coaching was very convenient because it was held via Skype as a video call. I could see my coach and his gestures and his demonstrations of how I should do this and do that during the interview. We had a simulated Q&A which helped me prepare mentally and psychologically for the big day.


My only concern with was that it was very pricey compared to its competitors. The basic service of resume writing cost $250. A complete package would cost around $695!

Checking on other sites, I almost choked on my bagel when I saw that other companies were only charging $169 or $119 for basic resume writing! That could’ve been savings of about $130 for me!

But $695 to get a job? Well, I did go all the way and avail of their other offerings like interview coaching and LinkedIn profile. The coaching cost around $200 while the LinkedIn profile cost me $150 to build.

Customer Support

Can’t complain about their customer support, though. Sure their phone lines are only accessible during regular work hours, but they’re very quick to respond on feedback I’ve given on the draft they sent me.

They were able to provide me with personalized service especially since we were able to work for quite a length of time.


The final point for this review of is its website. Boasting of a blue and white interface, their website has a calming effect to the frantic mind of a job hunter. It is very clean and well-thought off able to highlight its services with smart positioning of calls to action.

RN was done well

Sep 08, 2014 by Kelly T.

I actually ordered a registered nurse resume from them. I was pretty impressed, it was done much better than I could make it by myself.
By the way, prices are pretty high, but I think they worth it.
So I give 4, because of prices

ResumeWritingService Reviews , USA 4.0 4.0 1 1 I actually ordered a registered nurse resume from them. I was pretty impressed, it was done much better than I could make it by myself. By the way, prices are pretty high, but I

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