Have you been looking for a new career or just looking for a change?  While searching the web I found This writing service website is very new, and has not yet built an online status and as with all new businesses I decided to get in contact with them and see if they are the “Best Professional Resume Writing Service, Can Get You the Job” as their slogan says. review

Is this service professional?

Looking at their page gives you the impression that they know what they are doing regarding the service they provide.  Using their website is very fast and has all the basic information buttons available and they provide you with a toll free number to contact them. Live chat is available and Profile creation to be able to log into the website.  The only thing I noticed is that they did not provide you with an email contact and there is no feedback page for reviews regarding their service provided. Full Review – “ Review”

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I had no idea what I was going to do to find a job when I graduated. I made my own resume but I was clueless on how to approach it. I sent out resumes but didn’t get any replies. Apparently, my resumes were being shot down the moment they were looked at (according to my friend who worked in Human Resources). review

It got frustrating at one point because I was sure my resumes weren’t the problem.

A friend of mine told me she used ResumeWriters. I was hesitant at first but looked through their sample resumes anyway. I eventually managed to send a copy of my own resume with my job experiences and educational background.

I got too impatient at one point and kept bothering technical support but they were nice enough to talk me through the process and keep me up-to-date with resume’s status. The price of $169.95 was reasonable since they promised to send the completed resume within 3 days. The writer assigned to me gave me a copy and I was able to go through it and ask for minor revisions.

Once I got my paper, I was pleased. It was worded really well and well categorized. It looked professional and – compared to my older resume – was pleasing to look at.

Overall, ResumeWriters did a great job laying out my resume. I definitely got a lot more interviews because of it. It was well worth the investment.

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One of the most important aspects to looking for a job is your resume. Without it, you will not get a chance to get your foot in the door for interviews. You could be the very best at what you do, but if your resume is not designed to showcase your skills, no one will be able to see that.

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Get the resume you need

Hiring a professional resume writing service can give you the extra edge you need to get the interview for the job you want. By investing in your resume, you are investing in yourself. Think of your resume as your own personal marketing tool for the job market and you will want to make that tool work as much as possible for you. Full Review – “ Review”

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I am 30 years old. I graduated from college almost six years back. After graduation, I was all set to start my new chapter of life. It is a chapter which is solely written upon me working in a very reputed company earning a very decent salary and living the dream. But once you have passed your college phase of life, reality crashes upon you! I was shattered to find out that even after having such good grades and cgpa I was in deep waters to get a dream job. I was in a desperate need for a job and so I started doing part time jobs in clubs, bars, shopping malls, etc. Meanwhile, I always dropped my resumes at different companies hoping my luck would click one day.Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.08.32 PM showed the light at the end of the tunnel in resume writing

While working in a mall, I came across a very old friend of mine. He is a banker and we graduated from college at the same time. I don’t who was more shocked seeing whom! I shared my ordeal with him. I was blaming my luck for my present state. But he said that luck can always be changed and his life story was quite similar to mine after college. It was so until he came across Actually, this company which got him the job of his dreams. He used their services and they supplied him with such an awesome resume that he soon got the job. So he suggested me to use their services, pointing that it is probably one of the top resume writing services. He called it my last resort and it also seemed like it.

Screenshot at Sep 10 18-00-50

Are they the best resume service?

I took my mundane resume and hurriedly sent it over to the Resume Writing Service website.  Same day I received a call from them and I got introduced to my personal resume writer. We discussed about my needs and qualities and how I wanted my resume to be look like. I got a draft and send them back to make some changes and I was done. I submitted the new resume in quite a number of places and within a few days got calls for interviews. And luck had it; I even got two job offers. So I selected the best one. I even got a 20% discount from for the resume as it was my first order.

Resume Services Provided

There is a bag full of reasons why you would choose These include:

  • All first orders get a 20% discount.
  • A very well informed website.
  • Provides many other writings such as cover letters, follow-up letters, etc.
  • The more services you choose or the greater your package is, the more discount you are going to get.
  • They even provide 100% refund if the service is not up to the mark.
  • An additional 25% discount will be given if you can get your friends to get the services.
  • Unlike the contemporaries, offers resume, cover letter and follow up letter in all the packages except for the basic package.
  • They also have customer care support and help lines which are always at your disposal. The help lines are toll free.
  • Their website is so friendly that placing the orders is just a breeze.
  • The only problem or just a minor issue is the pop-up chat box that always appears while surfing the website. This is a bit irritating to me.

Screenshot at Sep 10 18-01-01

The Verdict

Well, you can understand where I am going with this. You can clearly see on which side the scales are more inclined. I would definitely suggest you to use for getting the job of your dreams. Hey, it’s never too late to give it a try!

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Getting new resume at – Review is one of those site that specialize in helping people create the best resumes, ace interviews and land their dream jobs. They have been around for 7 years, and have written over 5,000 resumes and CVs to date.

Screenshot at Sep 08 16-08-10

Resume Products

Resumestointerviews offers the following services:

  1. Resume Writing Service
  2. Returning Customer Resume
  3. Interview Coaching
  4. LinkedIn Profile
  5. Personal Statement

What I like about these services is that they are very useful for someone looking for a job. I have personally benefited from their help when I was building my profile on oDesk and looking for freelancing gigs. The work they did on my resume was impeccable and actually made my accomplishments and qualifications sound very credible!

Resume Writing Process

Resume Questionnaire

More than anything, I think it was their Resume Wizard that sped up the process. Through that questionnaire, I was able to give them basic information about myself that helped them get an idea of my profile as a job hunter. They asked me how many years I’ve been working, how many resume versions I needed, whether I needed interview coaching and the like.

In order to ensure the quality of my resume, I think I had to check about 7 drafts to make sure the highlights of my resume were noted and laid out. This part of the process was meant to put in as much relevant information into my resume.

Once all the needed information was in, I gave them the go signal to proceed working on my other requests such as my cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and of course the very helpful interview coaching.

This interview coaching was very convenient because it was held via Skype as a video call. I could see my coach and his gestures and his demonstrations of how I should do this and do that during the interview. We had a simulated Q&A which helped me prepare mentally and psychologically for the big day.


My only concern with was that it was very pricey compared to its competitors. The basic service of resume writing cost $250. A complete package would cost around $695!

Checking on other sites, I almost choked on my bagel when I saw that other companies were only charging $169 or $119 for basic resume writing! That could’ve been savings of about $130 for me!

But $695 to get a job? Well, I did go all the way and avail of their other offerings like interview coaching and LinkedIn profile. The coaching cost around $200 while the LinkedIn profile cost me $150 to build.

Customer Support

Can’t complain about their customer support, though. Sure their phone lines are only accessible during regular work hours, but they’re very quick to respond on feedback I’ve given on the draft they sent me.

They were able to provide me with personalized service especially since we were able to work for quite a length of time.


The final point for this review of is its website. Boasting of a blue and white interface, their website has a calming effect to the frantic mind of a job hunter. It is very clean and well-thought off able to highlight its services with smart positioning of calls to action.

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Resume advice for students heading to college

Information on getting noticed with college resume examples

If you are looking for colleges to go to after high school then you will no doubt have an interesting and demanding task ahead of you. The focal point of college applications is the college admission resume, and in a similar way to when you are creating a professional resume, a college resume needs to highlight not just your academic progress, but your skills and achievements. The college application process is demanding and intense, but with the following advice you will be able create a winning college admission resume. Full Review – “Resume advice for students heading to college”

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Cashier resume description

Cashiers have a number of specific responsibilities in retail, such as processing customer sales, and keeping a record of transaction history, alongside other duties. If you are looking for a cashier role, then your resume needs to reflect a number of skills and abilities that reflect the role. Please use the following advice to help you formulate an effective resume. Full Review – “Cashier resume description”

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Resume advice for roles in business

If you are looking for your next job in business, or have recently graduated in business, finance or marketing, then there are things that you need to consider when formulating your resume. Business is an industry which requires specific traits and skills, and these things need to be clearly seen in your resume if you are to stand a chance of being accepted into a business role. Full Review – “Resume advice for roles in business”

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Review of

After I completed my graduation, I was in high spirits to face the outside world. I was quite confident that I would get a decent job because I passed with quite a good GPA. I tried and applied in many places but was not successful. They all asked for experience which as a newly graduate I lacked of. I was yet to learn a lot and for doing that I at least had to get a job. I researched a lot on how to land a good job, but none of the information was very supportive. I distributed my resume almost everywhere possible. But in today’s such competitive job market, a simple resume is just nothing but a meaningless piece of paper. So you indeed need to have an eye popping resume in order to get the right attention.


How I came across CraftResume

One day I was sharing my ordeals of not getting a job with a senior of mine. He instantly suggested me to use a professional resume writing service called and told that it was the best resume writing company which landed him a job of his dream in Google company! It helped him with such a wonderful resume that he was quickly called for an interview in that company and sooner he landed that job. Listening to him I sent my resume to this company and took their resume editing services. Although I had to say goodbye to 100 dollars, but what I got in return was simply mind blowing!

Screenshot at Sep 02 17-13-28

CraftResume, the life saver!

Their response was quick. Within one day I got my completely redefined resume. They nicely and accurately highlighted my positives and strong points. It was written with extreme precision. Seeing their dedicated work I also ordered a cover letter writing which cost 50 dollars. And I was again awe struck to see their work. Everything was to the point and so well described that I became pretty confident that I was about to get my desired job. It was very persuasive, but in a good way.
And no sooner I was called for an interview and the company was very much satisfied with what I had to offer thanks to my wonderful resume and cover letter. And now I am happily employed in my favorite company thanks to CraftResumes writing services!

How it helps

There are many other resume writing services online which also offer the same services, but here are the reasons why CraftResumes are the best according to me:

  • Their resume writing work is detailed and accurate.
  • They offer variety of services other than resumes such as cover, thank-you or follow-up letter.
  • All works are done by professional resume writers.
  • Their delivery time is very fast and precise.
  • You can directly contact the writers about what you want your resume to look like. A one to one survey is also possible to find your best qualities and skills.
  • They even fix some things on the letters if you have any problems with them.
  • They have a devoted customer help line to always answer your queries.
  • They have a price range of 50 to 250 dollars depending on what you order (simple letters to packages) and what quality you order (simple to superior).

Screenshot at Sep 02 17-13-48


It is already very clear what the verdict is going to be. Visit their website to see what they have to offer. The website is very friendly and intuitive. So I would definitely recommend to everyone, especially the new graduates who just don’t know where to start.  Although the price is a bit high, but it is your future that is at stake. It is better to lose some pennies now than to lose thousands in the future!




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Chronological resumes

Chronological resumes are one of the most popular and commonly used resume structures. A chronological resume is designed to quickly show your relevant skills and work experience. Employers across many job sectors like this form of resume because it is very easy to see the experience you have at a glance. This type of resume works best for those with an extensive job history and is looking to progress their career. Unlike other types of CV which put an emphasis on skills and attributes, the chronological resume only requires a brief mention of your skills and personality. Full Review – “Chronological resumes”

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