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After I completed my graduation, I was in high spirits to face the outside world. I was quite confident that I would get a decent job because I passed with quite a good GPA. I tried and applied in many places but was not successful. They all asked for experience which as a newly graduate I lacked of. I was yet to learn a lot and for doing that I at least had to get a job. I researched a lot on how to land a good job, but none of the information was very supportive. I distributed my resume almost everywhere possible. But in today’s such competitive job market, a simple resume is just nothing but a meaningless piece of paper. So you indeed need to have an eye popping resume in order to get the right attention.


How I came across CraftResume

One day I was sharing my ordeals of not getting a job with a senior of mine. He instantly suggested me to use a professional resume writing service called and told that it was the best resume writing company which landed him a job of his dream in Google company! It helped him with such a wonderful resume that he was quickly called for an interview in that company and sooner he landed that job. Listening to him I sent my resume to this company and took their resume editing services. Although I had to say goodbye to 100 dollars, but what I got in return was simply mind blowing!

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CraftResume, the life saver!

Their response was quick. Within one day I got my completely redefined resume. They nicely and accurately highlighted my positives and strong points. It was written with extreme precision. Seeing their dedicated work I also ordered a cover letter writing which cost 50 dollars. And I was again awe struck to see their work. Everything was to the point and so well described that I became pretty confident that I was about to get my desired job. It was very persuasive, but in a good way.
And no sooner I was called for an interview and the company was very much satisfied with what I had to offer thanks to my wonderful resume and cover letter. And now I am happily employed in my favorite company thanks to CraftResumes writing services!

How it helps

There are many other resume writing services online which also offer the same services, but here are the reasons why CraftResumes are the best according to me:

  • Their resume writing work is detailed and accurate.
  • They offer variety of services other than resumes such as cover, thank-you or follow-up letter.
  • All works are done by professional resume writers.
  • Their delivery time is very fast and precise.
  • You can directly contact the writers about what you want your resume to look like. A one to one survey is also possible to find your best qualities and skills.
  • They even fix some things on the letters if you have any problems with them.
  • They have a devoted customer help line to always answer your queries.
  • They have a price range of 50 to 250 dollars depending on what you order (simple letters to packages) and what quality you order (simple to superior).

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It is already very clear what the verdict is going to be. Visit their website to see what they have to offer. The website is very friendly and intuitive. So I would definitely recommend to everyone, especially the new graduates who just don’t know where to start.  Although the price is a bit high, but it is your future that is at stake. It is better to lose some pennies now than to lose thousands in the future!




Well done!

Dec 25, 2014 by Casey K.

Ordered my first resume after college. Well, this review help me to make a choice, and I don't regret ir

ResumeWritingService Reviews , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Ordered my first resume after college. Well, this review help me to make a choice, and I don't regret ir

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