I am 30 years old. I graduated from college almost six years back. After graduation, I was all set to start my new chapter of life. It is a chapter which is solely written upon me working in a very reputed company earning a very decent salary and living the dream. But once you have passed your college phase of life, reality crashes upon you! I was shattered to find out that even after having such good grades and cgpa I was in deep waters to get a dream job. I was in a desperate need for a job and so I started doing part time jobs in clubs, bars, shopping malls, etc. Meanwhile, I always dropped my resumes at different companies hoping my luck would click one day.Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.08.32 PM showed the light at the end of the tunnel in resume writing

While working in a mall, I came across a very old friend of mine. He is a banker and we graduated from college at the same time. I don’t who was more shocked seeing whom! I shared my ordeal with him. I was blaming my luck for my present state. But he said that luck can always be changed and his life story was quite similar to mine after college. It was so until he came across Actually, this company which got him the job of his dreams. He used their services and they supplied him with such an awesome resume that he soon got the job. So he suggested me to use their services, pointing that it is probably one of the top resume writing services. He called it my last resort and it also seemed like it.

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Are they the best resume service?

I took my mundane resume and hurriedly sent it over to the Resume Writing Service website.  Same day I received a call from them and I got introduced to my personal resume writer. We discussed about my needs and qualities and how I wanted my resume to be look like. I got a draft and send them back to make some changes and I was done. I submitted the new resume in quite a number of places and within a few days got calls for interviews. And luck had it; I even got two job offers. So I selected the best one. I even got a 20% discount from for the resume as it was my first order.

Resume Services Provided

There is a bag full of reasons why you would choose These include:

  • All first orders get a 20% discount.
  • A very well informed website.
  • Provides many other writings such as cover letters, follow-up letters, etc.
  • The more services you choose or the greater your package is, the more discount you are going to get.
  • They even provide 100% refund if the service is not up to the mark.
  • An additional 25% discount will be given if you can get your friends to get the services.
  • Unlike the contemporaries, offers resume, cover letter and follow up letter in all the packages except for the basic package.
  • They also have customer care support and help lines which are always at your disposal. The help lines are toll free.
  • Their website is so friendly that placing the orders is just a breeze.
  • The only problem or just a minor issue is the pop-up chat box that always appears while surfing the website. This is a bit irritating to me.

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The Verdict

Well, you can understand where I am going with this. You can clearly see on which side the scales are more inclined. I would definitely suggest you to use for getting the job of your dreams. Hey, it’s never too late to give it a try!

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