Administration resume advice

Administrative roles within any business or organization are generally considered as basic and fairly low level, especially the role of administrative assistant. This means that there is no great array of qualifications or education required, but you still need to demonstrate in your resume that you have the abilities to be a valuable asset for the administrative department in question.

What type of resume format should be chosen?

Most administration applicants will have limited working experience, or will be looking for a career change, and the functional resume will hence work best for these candidates. Typical administrative assistant resume examples will begin with contact details, the objective and the resume summary, and then follow with headings such as professional skills, accomplishments and qualifications, with education listed at the end. The objective should be a clear definition of what your job target is, alongside a possible career goal, with the inclusion of one or two prominent skills that you have. The summary should highlight your main qualifications, abilities and strengths, using common administrative keywords and quantitative examples to catch the reader’s attention.

The following sections will systematically list your past experiences, with details of what skills you have developed and how you have contributed. Even if your accomplishments are unrelated to administration, they will be important to include, since they will show the employer that you already have proven ability, and skills that can be transferred into administration.

Increasing your chances

Aside from proof of experience, it is important to be specific and relevant with your stated skills. Common skills include organization, time-keeping, independence and productiveness. If you have any qualifications, education or work experience which has required these attributes then make sure you highlight them, and use your job experiences and academics to elaborate upon such attributes. It is also very important to search for administration keywords online and on administrative assistant resume examples to make your resume stand out, and to show the reader that you know the right terminology. Having said this, you should never make any claims about yourself that you cannot prove, or exaggerate your ability. Never be afraid to state the truth since this will ensure that when you do secure a job it is the right job for you.

Like every resume, the writing needs to explain lots in relatively few words, and the structure needs to be clear, with a clean and easy to read format.

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